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Western Illinois Fieldhouse

To the good people of Alexis and the surrounding communities,

In 2021, as some of you may know, the Fieldhouse changed ownership after long discussions between myself and Mr. Rick Bertelsen. Rick did our community a great service back in the early 2000s when the local schools consolidated, and the Fieldhouse was logistically no longer serving the school districts’ best interest. At that point in time, Rick stepped in and took over ownership of the campus, keeping the building alive and protecting a historic cornerstone of the Alexis community. Upon taking ownership, Rick created a family-friendly atmosphere centered around sports, and a variety of other activities. The Fieldhouse was a wonderful gathering place for the community all the way through 2020, and then the pandemic hit…

When COVID-19 arrived in 2020, and shut down businesses across the country, the Alexis Fieldhouse was no different. Sports and events had to stop for the time being, which ultimately turned out to be an opportunity for me. With the facility being basically empty in 2020, I approached Rick about some ideas I had been having, and asked if he would be willing to let me rent the gymnasium for the remainder of 2020. He graciously agreed, and that allowed me to begin forming a plan as to how I would bring the Fieldhouse back to life again, if/when COVID restrictions would lift in the future.

While taking residence at the Fieldhouse, and with no end (at the time) of the COVID-19 lockdown in sight, Rick and I began having conversations about the possibility of him stepping away from the facility in order to focus on other things in life. Rick saw my ideas and my passion to bring activities back to the Fieldhouse for families and youth, and was supportive from day one. After a few months of conversations, Rick made the decision to sell the Fieldhouse, and was more than accommodating in order for me to position myself to be able to purchase the facility. I’m sure he could have gotten more for the location from other potential buyers, but he believed in my vision and he wanted to be sure the Fieldhouse would be a place for local communities to gather for years to come.

On February 1, 2021, I closed a deal with Rick for the property, and took over ownership of the facility, which is now known as the Western Illinois Fieldhouse. Since taking ownership, I have been working tirelessly on improvements and renovations, with really only ONE goal in mind. That goal, that plan, that mission, is to create the most incredible, family-friendly, community center experience I possibly can! My plans for the Fieldhouse are vast and lofty, but with the support of Alexis and the surrounding communities, I vow to continue improving the facility and the campus, for the rest of my years as the owner of the property.

My vision for the Fieldhouse is more than just a facility for youth sports. Sports is certainly the main aspect of the planned activities, but it really is only ONE facet of the vision. Art, music, agriculture, the great outdoors, community events, etc., are all part of the vision going forward here at the Fieldhouse. Being the father of four young kids, I think about what I’d like to offer my own children. I have come to the conclusion, the only thing that really matters is giving kids exposure to opportunities in a variety of areas with hopes to broaden their horizons, and the scope of what is possible in life.

Currently, the Fieldhouse is one of the best kept secrets in western Illinois, but with help from local families like yours, it is my life’s work to put the Fieldhouse BACK on the map! The Fieldhouse will be a gem for the village of Alexis and the surrounding communities, and a beacon of light for youth development!

Sincerely, Kyle Flowers

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